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Membership Types


Certified Member is one who has successfully completed the requirements of the professional development program. This includes the completion of the nine courses in the academic program. In addition, the member has demonstrated three years of full-time, relevant practical experience. The member can advertise as a Certified Bookkeeper.


To become an Associate Member, you would need to demonstrate that you have obtained five years of full-time experience that involves full-cycle bookkeeping. This experience will be verified by the completion of an Experience Evaluation Questionnaire (EEQ). Bookkeepers who meet these criteria may be eligible for up to four exemptions from CIB’s Level 1 and Level II courses. As an Associate Member, you would be required to complete any remaining courses to become Certified. This may be accomplished by completing a Prior Learning Assessment or taking the courses at your local Community College. The member can advertise as an Associate Member.


A Student Member is one who has little academic background or practical experience in bookkeeping. The member is completing the academic and experience requirements to become Certified. The member can advertise as a Student Member of CIB.