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CIB Background

The Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping (CIB) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to preparing men and women for professional positions in a financial environment.

The bookkeeping profession today, unlike the accounting profession, is completely unregulated. There are no criteria for educational requirements or for professional conduct. Virtually anybody with little training or education can advertise as a bookkeeper. The lack of standards has often had unfortunate consequences for individuals and businesses using the services of an unqualified bookkeeper.

For the first time, bookkeepers will now have the opportunity to complete a professional development program and become members of a recognized profession. As trained professionals, Certified Bookkeepers can look forward to greater financial and job security in a rapidly changing business world.


  • Establish educational, professional and ethical standards in the bookkeeping profession
  • Bring order to an unregulated field and protection to a vulnerable public
  • Change the general perception toward bookkeeping and bring public recognition to Certified Bookkeepers.


According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Economic Crime Survey 2005, approximately fifty-five percent of Canadian companies surveyed reported being a victim of economic crime, a nine percentage point increase from 2003. As a consequence, businesses are now demanding the services of well-qualified Bookkeepers. This new breed, Certified Bookkeeper, arises from the vision of the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping.

Certified Bookkeepers can be employed in a wide variety of positions. They are in demand as bookkeepers, accounts receivable/payable supervisors, administrative assistants, payroll administrators, office managers, budget co-coordinators and assistant controllers. Employers are always looking for ambitious men and women who have the skills and training for these important positions.

As essential members of the organization, they are involved in many aspects on a daily basis. Their commitment and contribution generate opportunities for themselves and their organizations. Many individuals will become self-employed in their own bookkeeping practice.


Today’s professional bookkeepers are constantly facing new challenges in a rapidly changing business environment. The CIB professional development program offers a variety of courses to provide the skills to meet these challenges. Academic courses provide in-depth knowledge of bookkeeping practices; computer applications offer the basis for solid practical experience.

Courses are completed at local Community Colleges across Canada. Many courses are offered on-line. Some exemptions are available based on work experience. Upon completion of all courses, members receive a Certificate of Accomplishment to recognize their academic achievement.

In addition, there is a three-year work requirement in which a member must demonstrate proficiency in bookkeeping. This work requirement can be done before, during or after the academic program. When both the academic and practical experience requirements are met, the member obtains the designation, Certified Bookkeeper. All members are governed by a Code of Professional Conduct.

Membership in the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping opens the door to a new and exciting future. Join with us to make it your future too.