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Work Experience


Before qualifying for certification, students must have obtained minimum of three years of full-time practical bookkeeping experience where they have demonstrated the skills and knowledge acquired in the academic program.

Students are expected to have been involved in most of the bookkeeping functions.

Employment experience may be obtained before, during or after completion of the academic requirements. Students will be required to complete a questionnaire to verify work experience.

In order to become Certified, you must currently be working full-time as a bookkeeper to become Certified.

For students starting a new career, it is recommended that practical work experience be obtained while the professional development program is undertaken.


At times, while seeking full-time work, some bookkeepers may take on part-time work. Other bookkeepers prefer to work part-time because of other commitments or by choice. This experience is certainly valuable, especially if the student is taking the prescribed courses in the academic program.

However, three years of full-time work experience in bookkeeping is required, in order to become Certified.


Self-employed bookkeepers also need to verify the work experience requirement. This is usually done by supplying a representative list of clients who can attest to the length and quality of service provided. In addition, any professional accountant who is directly familiar with the individuals work can verify the requirements.


Foreign bookkeeping methods can be similar to Canadian methods; however, at the same time, they can be quite different. Employers do require facility in local practices. Consequently, CIB’s professional development program requires three years of Canadian bookkeeping experience.


Many bookkeepers have years of experience, but have not engaged in any formal academic studies. In such cases, it may be advantageous to take the required courses. CIB may offer credits directly for certain courses in Level I and II. Alternatively, you could have a Prior Learning Assessment completed by your local Community College to determine your proficiency in any area.