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Program Structure

The CIB Professional Development Program has two parts.

1. Academic Courses: Requires the completion of nine credit courses.
2. Practical Experience: Requires a minimum of three years full-function
bookkeeping experience.

Academic Courses:

The body of knowledge that comprises the professional development program is designed to provide the knowledge and skills essential for the practice as a Certified Bookkeeper. Academic courses provide in-depth knowledge of bookkeeping practices; computer applications offer the basis for sound practical experience.

CIB does not offer courses. They are offered through participating Community Colleges only. Any course taken at a private vocational college must undergo a Prior Learning Assessment at a Community College.

Practical Experience

Student must obtain three years of full-time practical bookkeeping experience either before, during or after completion of the academic requirements.

Refer to Work Experience and Evaluation Process


Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a process of giving course credit to adult learners for skills and knowledge acquired through past work experience or previously completed courses that are equal to College level learning.

If you can demonstrate that the knowledge you have obtained meets the standards of a College course, you may be eligible for a credit. Prior Learning = must be demonstrated by way of a challenge process which measures learning through a variety of methods. Through a PLA, students often realize how much they have learned in the past and become more confident about pursuing other courses

Contact your local Community College for details of a PLA.


All members who complete the academic program will be entitled to receive a Certificate of Accomplishment indicating that they have met Academic requirement of the professional development program.

To obtain a diploma which confers the designation Certified Bookkeeper, members must also obtain three years of full-time relevant bookkeeping experience.

Students should be prepared to spend a minimum of eight hours a week on their home study exclusive of classroom time. The program design enables completion of studies within five years. Students will find it advantageous to be employed full-time in some capacity that is compatible with the course of study.